Countdown – We proudly present … Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Exciting session proposals

We from the hosting team are excited and extremely busy these days before the barcamp! Please give us feedback on the facebook group or here on wordpress comment, if you need information and cannot find it. Before you aks please first check out the pages here (navigation header) and the links in the right sidebar. Thank you!

We want to point you to the session proposal page in case that you did not visit it yet.

Today I want to make a start to show you one of our very interesting guests from abroad.

BERT-OLA BERGSTRAND – or why you need to know “Social Capital” to understand and create real change

You have no idea what Social Capital is about?
For me it is one of the most important concepts discussed in our time. Part of the solution of the huge challenges of the 21st challenges. Social Capital  is a premise for change, lasting transformation – locally and globally. In my opinion it is complementary to the finance capital in Social Impact Investment. If you do not care about the social ressources trust, reciprocal help, self-organisation … then your social enterprise project is not built on firm ground. People, who want to give you their money to change the world for the better will hesitate if you have no clue about how self-organisation and the development of social capital works.

Here is a short funny clip about the basic insights about Social Capital (SC).

Background of SCWF
If you want to go really deep into the background of SC and have some time, then please check out this new video from the SCWF Social Capital World Forum kickoff (Bert-Ola is interviewing the two founders of SCWF – very authentically telling the young story of SCWF):

Quote (Manfred Hellrigl): “If you really want to do a powerful work, you should never deliver solutions, but encourage people to take over responsibility and find their own way” (around 11min15)

(contact/responsible author: Willi Schroll, social foresight network, @wschroll)


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