Countdown – How Joy Lohmann is moving mountains with the power of creativity

I have asked the attendees to show their ideas and projects. Thank you Joy for your great contribution. When I thought about a title for the post I was hesitating to use the word “creativity”, since there is so much talk about creativity, the creative class etc. – but I cannot help since it is creativity! In my opinion it Joy is expanding art in a way, that it is morphing to activism, changemaking, politics – not only performing changemaking, but realizing it, he is really in the “effort of integration”!

Bau eines schwimmenden Klassenzimmers aus Recyclingmaterialien (

Now, here is Joy’s contribution:

Joy Lohmann – visualizing, inspiring, promoting global change through Real-World-Happenings. 

Session (german or english on demand):
Integrated Art – CoCreating symbols for global change
Joy Lohmann – Hanover/Germany

As an artist on myself or within interdisciplinary groups on local, national or international level, I focus in creating symbols for global change, integrative actions to experience it and public action to promote and network the several relevant players, speeding up the transition of our societies.

Beneath many projects on single topics, I share the vision of an artificial, autarkic, sustainable floating habitat – „asap-island“ – with an open international community of cocreators.

This vision will be the focus of the session, together with the actual project „Sealand Multiversity“ as a symbol and cocreation platform to realize it.

Here a clip of our entry at this years design-challenge by architecture for humanity: „(un)restricted access“ the civil transformation of former military structures.


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