Open Bank Project – Simon Redfern (Day 1)



What is the idea and purpose of OBP?

A great idea to increase trust, transparency … and foster NPO and social enterprises
Openness and banking transaction – how does that fit?! If you understand the essence of “Open Bank Project” (OBP) then it absolutely does! We are not talking about transparency in your private bank account! The “Open Bank Project” is about transparency in the domain of organisations, e.g. NGOs profitting from transparency, which increases trust and hence their impact.

Open Bank Project is a european initiative that aims at raising the bar of financial transparency: “we aim to create a API so that banks and their customers can securely and cost effectively adopt Web 2.0, Open Source and 3rd party tools, services and strategies. We want to promote greater openness to financial data.”

UPDATED 2012-04-30, 2012-05-04 (adding image)

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