Eckehart Sturm – Think work, ownership and capital in a new way

Think work, ownership and capital in a new way.
Ownership through work. – Work and capital as equals.
The ceo as coach. – Transform business to serve life.

Session held at CastleCamp 2012 social entrepreneurship & financing April 27-29
The session comes in four parts – start here with the first and move to youtube for the next three parts then.

Neue Formen für Arbeits- und Unternehmens-Strukturen

Denke Arbeit neu – Think work new
Denke Kapital neu – Think capital new
Denke Eigentum neu – Think ownership new
Denke Verbindungen neu – Think relations new

Fühle Arbeit neu – Feel work new
Fühle Kapital neu – Feel capital new
Fühle Eigentum neu – Feel ownership new
Fühle Verbindungen neu – Feel relations new

Tue Arbeit neu – Do work new
Tue Kapital neu – Do capital new
Tue Eigentum neu – Do ownership new
Tue Verbindungen neu – Do relations new

Eigentümer durch Arbeit ? – Owner through work ?
Arbeit und Kapital als gleichwertig ? – Work and capital as equals ?
Der Mitarbeiter als Souverän ? – The employee as sovereign ?
Der Chef als Coach ? – The ceo as coach ?

Transform business and business-structures to serve life

Eckehart Sturm, Berlin

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