Only four days left to the CastleCamp!

Last Call for free participation at the CastleCamp on Social Entrepreneurship & Education in Göhrde/Germany next week, starting Thursday, 30th of August. Take your time, join us at the castle park, have a break, meet nice people at a wonderful place.
Session will be around: new alternative school initiatives, value differences in education systems, how to integrate social entrepreneurship in education, new approaches of learning, creation of a castle academy.
The weather is fine and we’ll have good conditions to have our sessions outside the buildings. We will walk around and visit new projects on education near Göhrde, using the method we learned last CastleCamp from Ilkka Kakko: Walk & Talk!

Registration for CastleCamp “Social Entrepreneurship & Education” is open

Save the Date:::: 30th of August until 2nd of September 2012 the next CastleCamp with the focus on Education and Learning  will take place at a traditional place in Göhrde, the former Hunting Lodge of King Georg V. You’re all very welcome to join us at a wonderful location! Take your time. Share your ideas. Collaborate on international projects.

Free tickets are available from now on; we have limited places. Please register here: Registration CastleCamp Social Entrepreneurship & Education 

Eckehart Sturm – Think work, ownership and capital in a new way

Think work, ownership and capital in a new way.
Ownership through work. – Work and capital as equals.
The ceo as coach. – Transform business to serve life.

Session held at CastleCamp 2012 social entrepreneurship & financing April 27-29
The session comes in four parts – start here with the first and move to youtube for the next three parts then.

Neue Formen für Arbeits- und Unternehmens-Strukturen

Denke Arbeit neu – Think work new
Denke Kapital neu – Think capital new
Denke Eigentum neu – Think ownership new
Denke Verbindungen neu – Think relations new

Fühle Arbeit neu – Feel work new
Fühle Kapital neu – Feel capital new
Fühle Eigentum neu – Feel ownership new
Fühle Verbindungen neu – Feel relations new

Tue Arbeit neu – Do work new
Tue Kapital neu – Do capital new
Tue Eigentum neu – Do ownership new
Tue Verbindungen neu – Do relations new

Eigentümer durch Arbeit ? – Owner through work ?
Arbeit und Kapital als gleichwertig ? – Work and capital as equals ?
Der Mitarbeiter als Souverän ? – The employee as sovereign ?
Der Chef als Coach ? – The ceo as coach ?

Transform business and business-structures to serve life

Eckehart Sturm, Berlin

Valentin Gagarin – Crowdfunding (Day 2)

Valentin talks about his personal experience with crowdfunding, the process and options, tips, tricks and limits. Find his project on
Reverie – Zeichentrick aus Hamburg

Links – Crowdfunding and related stuff (incl. links from the audience)

  • – Crowdfunding-Plattform für Deutschland
  • – “Nordstarter Hamburg: Crowdfunding für die Hansestadt”
  • Fundraising 2.0 Camp – inkl. Konferenz
  • – “Fachkonferenz für Online-Kampagnen des zivilgesellschaftlichen Sektors”
  • – Für Hilfsprojekte (“… die wahrscheinlich transparenteste Spendenplattform der Welt. 206.917 Spender verwirklichen 3.687 Projekte in 137 Ländern.)
  • – regelmäßiger Austausch von NPO/SE mit Social Media- und Kampagnen-Experten (in diversen dt. Großstädten)

Find more session documentation on the page Harvesting/Documentation

Open Bank Project – Simon Redfern (Day 1)



What is the idea and purpose of OBP?

A great idea to increase trust, transparency … and foster NPO and social enterprises
Openness and banking transaction – how does that fit?! If you understand the essence of “Open Bank Project” (OBP) then it absolutely does! We are not talking about transparency in your private bank account! The “Open Bank Project” is about transparency in the domain of organisations, e.g. NGOs profitting from transparency, which increases trust and hence their impact.

Open Bank Project is a european initiative that aims at raising the bar of financial transparency: “we aim to create a API so that banks and their customers can securely and cost effectively adopt Web 2.0, Open Source and 3rd party tools, services and strategies. We want to promote greater openness to financial data.”

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Ilkka Kakko – Harnessing Serendipity (Day 1)


The audience not only appreciated the inspiring presentation, but enjoyed to be involved in the Walk+Talk outdoor exercise to give serendipity a space to happen while being in contact with the rich natural environment around the venue.

Adhoc recording from the talk (to see the slides during the video viewing please use the link above for download!)

Serendipity – What is it?

Are you new to the discourse about serendipity? Then have a first contact consulting the wikipedia entry:

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. The word has been voted one of the ten English words hardest to translate in June 2004 by a British translation company. …

We are honored to have Ilkka Kakko, Joensuu, Finland  attending the CastleCamp! His session and description:
“Harnessing Serendipity” (English session – maybe we have live translation)

Serendipity – a mysterious word but having clearly an emergence at the contemporary society.

The magical Persian folk tale “The Travels and Adventures of Three Princes of Serendip “ has fascinated the conscious minds already for a couple a centuries. The famous sociologist Richard Merton gave the faces for serendipity describing the phenomena in great way in his book and there are various great innovations and inventions , where serendipity has been the key factor in the creation process. 

How can we as a community harness serendipity, how can we help us to be more serendipitous, what kind of benefits you will get while having an attitude “Expect the unexpected”.? Like the famous author Nassim Nicholas Talib put it in his book “Black Swan” – “…the purpose of your life is to maximize serendipity around you” . Really exciting, isn’t it!

Ilkka Kakko has been researching serendipity for years and has been able to open up the mysterious dim around it. He describes himself as “the explorer of his own life”. In this mini workshop he will share some of his experiences and then we collectively try to elaborate in teams the ways to understand the phenomena and maybe find a kind of set of mind and also ways of working – which will help us to harness serendipity in our lives in the future.

More about Ilkka Kakko, Joensuu, Finland

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