Virtual Participation

Since we have realized the demand for virtual participation during the event we have decided to take this issue really serious. We decided to have some time slots for the remote participants, but we are still in the preparations. Come back soon to this page for details.

Please use the Facebook group to track the announcements and ongoing discussions.

For now we have defined the time slots for video conferencing on Saturday:

  • 03:00pm CEST/Berlin time
  • 20:30pm CEST/Berlin time

Here are the current + disposable times of 10 selected cities,3451190,2643743,2950159,360630,2673730,1275339,1850147,1835848,2147714&h=2673730
But you can go here and personalize your own set:

HASHTAG = #castlecampcc
Use this hashtag for your contributions on YouTube, Flickr (the “cc” is for “creative campus”). Only then anyone will find it and can use and appreciate it!

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